At Autonomous Ideas we enable personal, professional and organisational change. We know this journey can be hard, but we can help you find your way.

Andrew Jane Big
Meet Andrew & Jane

Change is hard, but we can help you.

We are ethical. We only work with people we think we can help. We don’t take every opportunity that is presented to us.

We work with people, teams and organisations to help them discover what their true purpose is. If you understand your purpose, you will do better work and be happier, because that certainty will drive you along.

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What our clients think

Andrew has the talent and professional training to pick up on the “stuff” you hide from yourself never mind from him! This innate gift he has is quite wonderful as the whole idea of coaching is to stretch, challenge and be the best version of yourself.
I would advise anyone considering Andrew only to choose to work with him if you are really and truly ready to step up, walk the path of absolute honesty and prepare yourself and the ground for positive change.

Ruth Purim, Chief Executive Officer, Proactive