Case Studies

Andrew has been working with the Directors and senior leadership team of a major Irish transport provider since Autumn 2017 to improve leadership skills, self-awareness and help prepare the organisation for change. This coaching programme involves monthly meetings that focus on current challenges, future aspirations and identifying personal and organisational blockages to change. The results of this approach have been improved confidence in the leadership team and a willingness to challenge individual and team behaviours. The coaching has also encouraged the leadership team to have more honest conversations about mutual challenges and how these could be overcome.

Drawing on her experience as a positive psychology practitioner and coach Jane developed a one-day seminar for educational leaders. The seminar focussed on how to apply the principles of positive psychology in schools and taught the participants interventions that would improve individual and group well-being. To support this process, Jane developed a Positive Psychology Journal for each participant that was designed to help participants identify their strengths and feel happier in their role at the school. Post-event feedback was that the event was relaxed, informative and gave the participants the opportunity to explore different ways of being.

A really useful workshop, Jane, I really enjoyed my day more than many I have attended.


Andrew helped me get to the root of my issues in the very first session. He was patient and helped me understand that my emotions and my thought processes were in conflict, which was at the heart of all my issues at work.

Company Director

"Having executive coaching with Andrew has been transformational. It has helped me focus my thinking and has challenged me to develop my ideas. Through the coaching, I have noticed a step change in my confidence (and my motivation) to take actions that will lead to resolving issues and progressing both my career and personal objectives. Andrew is a great listener and is incredibly insightful. The coaching has been invaluable, and I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough."

The coaching has been invaluable, and I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough

Marianna White, RSSB Engagement Manager – Train Operators

I was a sceptic about coaching but working with Andrew made me rethink that. He paid attention to me, helped me understand what was really going on inside my head and how it was affecting how I saw my role and the organisation. He gave me a completely new perspective.

Commercial Manager

"Andrew coached me during a transition from the civil service to the private sector. Coaching made me really think about myself, and my reaction to events and helped me through a particularly difficult time in my career. Always kind, but intellectually rigorous, Andrew provided me with a safe environment to discuss what was happening and take a step back, seeing it as an external viewer might. My coaching experience stays with me even several years later, and I often recall what we discussed and apply it to new situations now. I would recommend coaching to everyone, and Andrew as a coach in particular."

Always kind, but intellectually rigorous, Andrew provided me with a safe environment to discuss what was happening

Nicola Wood, Director, UK Rail Advisory Limited.

Working with Andrew is challenging, but rewarding. He never 'let me off the hook' when I was avoiding issues, but always did it with empathy and humour. His coaching made a huge difference to me and my business


“Andrew quickly established his credibility and trust as he set about challenging my understanding and strategies in the context of my goals. He identified my key motivational triggers and applied them to maximise the effectiveness of our coaching sessions. In a time of significant change to our organisation, Andrew’s support and guidance was critical in me achieving the next step in my career of becoming MD. I highly recommend Andrew as an executive coach.”

I highly recommend Andrew as an executive coach

Seamus Egan, Managing Director , LUAS Dublin Light Rail System

“Jane, so much has come out of that, and it all makes so much sense. Wow, thank you! I think that you facilitated it brilliantly. I liked your pauses. They gave me time to think. I really enjoyed it. I liked the space we were in, and I loved the sunshine coming through the windows and the background noise of the birds, too.”

Wow, thank you! I think that you facilitated it brilliantly

Person Centred Art Therapy Client

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