Meet Jane Jennison

Jane has a multi-disciplinary approach to helping clients achieve well-being and improve positivity. She is fascinated by neuroplasticity and believes we all can re-wire our brains to reduce stress and trauma and increase positive affect.

Jane has over ten years’ experience working in therapeutic environments with adults and children. She uses a person-centred approach to help her clients explore their concerns, and has a toolkit of interventions and activities she uses with the client to help them achieve their outcomes. She is the founder of Adopting Positivity - with a mission to help you find Authentic Happiness.


Jane works with the client using a variety of resources to help the client move on from where they are to where they want to be.

Jane Jennison


Jane works with the team to create an environment where everyone is heard. She helps the members agree on parameters and ways to communicate constructively. She enables everyone to have a voice, and for outcomes to be agreed.

Experience & Qualifications

Jane has a Master's Degree in Applied Positive Psychology. Using Person Centred Art Therapy Skills and Dyadic Developmental Practice she provides a safe space to explore and address challenging emotional issues. She has qualifications from the British School of Coaching in wellbeing, mindfulness and coaching.

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